Points of interest at the school


The library provides students with access to novels, specialised books, newspapers, magazines, workbooks, CDs, DVDs. among others, all in French. There are so many useful ways to help you learn French! Wi-Fi is also available in the library.

Work areas

Work areas are available so students can work in the best conditions possible.

Backyard garden

At the heart of our campus is our calm backyard garden area where children and adults alike can relax, play, take a walk and admire the plants, flowers and of course, the majestic cedar trees which give our school its name.

It is the ideal place to spend the afternoon having a barbecue with students and their families.

Leisure & Culture

We know that learning a language goes hand-in-hand with culture. That’s why Les Cèdres offers a range of Leisure & Culture activities.

Living in Massy

There’s something for everyone in Massy!
Whether you’re a fan of culture, long walks, bike rides, sports or history, you will always find your passion in France!



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