The entire Les Cèdres team has put everything in place to accommodate students in the best conditions possible.

We also invite you to regularly visit the French government’s official Covid-19 website:

The information below presents our strategy at Les Cèdres.


We will give you tailored assistance based on the diplomatic situation between France and your country. Our administrative team regularly contacts French consulates and Préfectures in order to provide you with relevant information for obtaining your visa.

If you are unable to come to France, an online programme will be created for you, adapted to the time zone of your country.


In Massy, our class schedule has not changed. Each class will receive their schedule at the Monday orientation meeting on the first day of school.

Online classes can be tailored to suit our students’ needs. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Health conditions

Here are some important points to remember:

  • Do not forget to bring your mask with you to school. Only a few masks are available for people who do not have them.
  • All our Covid-19 rules will be posted in the common areas.
  • Protective measures will be applied within our school.

Together, let us fight against Covid-19

In the event of non-compliance with our health protocol, you may be denied access to our school.

  •  Update on our general terms and conditions in light of Covid
  • We have eased our terms and conditions of sale in light of Covid for 2021:

Registrations before December 31, 2021 for sessions in 2021:

  • Free deferral of 18 months starting from the first date of registration.
  • Free cancellation for all sessions scheduled for 2021 which are cancelled due to Covid and/or French consulate measures. We must be notified of cancellation no later than 1 week before the start of the session.

Registrations before December 31, 2021 for sessions in 2022:

  • Free deferral of 12 months starting from the first date of registration.
  • In the event of cancellation, the general terms and conditions of sale will apply.

*if students are faced with travel restrictions from their home country or France, or if the school is ordered closed by the government.

Accommodation in the foyer
Applicable health protocol

We are delighted to continue welcoming you to our school and accommodating you in the best conditions possible in spite of the current health situation. This is made possible by complying with the health protocol imposed by the French government.

The protocol may change according to the context in France and the decisions made accordingly. We invite you to regularly consult the French government’s official Covid-19 website:
Here is some additional information relating to our accommodation protocol:


Our foyer continues to accommodate students by complying with the following conditions:

  • Posting of signs on protective measures at the front door.
  • Wearing masks is recommended in common areas if social distancing cannot be observed.
  • Hand sanitizer is made available in certain areas.
  • All common areas and points of contact undergo deep cleaning.