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Today, October 14, 2020, although we are living in troubling and sometimes difficult times, Les Cèdres continues its devoted mission in assisting its students to learn French.

In strict compliance with the measures in place, the Montaigne class continues their in-person classes with determination thanks to their teacher Anne-Laure.
Our friends in the USA still face challenges obtaining their visas. As a result, the Nadir beginner class is being taught remotely, with a timetable adapted to the varying time zones. We salute their motivation and perseverance, and recognise their teacher Valérie for her dedication.

Our interactions during the twice-weekly worship services with students and external speakers are recorded and sent to those who are unable to attend physically. This is done to enable a sense of community – despite the circumstances – which we highly value. It is also an opportunity to rejoice in the news of former students and share together in the news of current students.

Life goes on, in particular through immersion into French culture, in keeping with the regulations. In addition to the fruitful sessions on sharing the Gospel, where our more advanced students learn about the spiritual landscape of the French-speaking world, many trips are organised.

After classes, learning French continues through fellowship with other students.

We are thankful for every blessing we receive and are immensely grateful for your prayers in these uncertain times.